Assistant professor in the department of Materials Science & Metallurgical Engineering specialized in the area of transmission electron microscopy (TEM) with a keen interest in understanding and visualizing the structure‑property relationships in materials using in situ TEM techniques.

Other areas of interest: Phase transformations in materials, Electrochemsitry and Corrosion, Graphene based super capacitors, Materials for Energy Applications

Sairama Krishna Malladi, PhD

MS1010 - Introduction to Materials Science & Engineering 
Segment - 1
Introductory course to first year undergraduate students
MS4030 - Materials Selection and Design
Segment - 3-4
Application oriented course for final year undergraduates

Courses Taught / In Progress:

MS 4140/5180 - Applications of Electrochemistry in Materials Science & Engineering
Segment - 3-6
Advanced course for final year undergrads & postgraduates


In situ heat-treatment and corrosion studies on Al alloy 2024-T3 using a gas-flow holder developed at Delft University of Technology in the group of Professor Henny Zandbergen as a part of my PhD and Postdoctoral study. Improved version of this is now commercially available as DENSsolutions Climate

Recent work in collaboration with Dr. Chunhui Liu using a DENSsolutions Wildfire D6, double-tilt heating holder, revealing the growth of CuAlx type precipitates in Al matrix
(video uploaded by DENSsolutions)

Department of Materials Science & Metallurgical Engineering,

Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad

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